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Bow Setup & Tuning


We have years of technical expertise to bring your bow back to a state of precision you would expect, servicing all aspect of your compound, recurve, or crossbows. We offer bow string and cable replacements, tuning and accessory installation as well as more simple poundage and draw length adjustments. Check out our services below:

Not confident in your current set up? Let us help get you dialed in. Whether you just need a little adjustment or a complete overhaul we will gladly help you out. You can bring your bow in or if you are from out of the area you can ship it to us and we can dial it in. We can custom tailor the bow to your specific needs and we can help answer your questions and offer suggestions for your particular set up.

If your bow needs a new set of strings we offer First String and GAS Bowstrings to our customers. We will install them and retune your bow to include setting the timing, peak poundage, and paper tuning.

We offer a wide selection of sights and rests. All of these items we will set up and get dialed in for you. From setting your sights 2nd and 3rd axis to helping setup and tune your new rest we can help.

We offer a wide variety of arrows from Easton and Gold Tip. We can custom build arrows to your specifications for your particular set up. We offer custom fletching, spine indexing, as well as broadhead tuning.

Precision second and third Axis setting on your movable sights and building custom sight tapes.