S3DA Archery Program fosters education to kids in safe, ethical bow hunting practices
And preparation for target archery competition or just to have fun.
After school programs keep kids learning.

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A Program to Help Kids Succeed

B & B Archery is very proud to be a part of the S3DA organization whose mission is to foster education and guides youth in the areas of 3-D, indoor target, and outdoor target archery as well as safe, ethical bow hunting practices. Scholastic 3-D Archery will design, promote and foster national youth and high school 3-D and target archery. Scholastic 3-D Archery is a program that has exploded across the country in the last few years.

College Scholarship Opportunities
Each S3DA class provides a natural progression that helps students grow from elementary school all the way through high school, and it allows them to move straight into shooting at the collegiate level, where they are earning scholarships to shoot archery. Not only are students attracted to S3DA, but their families are as well. Our events are family-oriented and family-friendly. S3DA has become one of the fastest growing archery programs for our youth in the US.

The natural progression of our program allows students to grow and develop throughout their archery career moving on to the college level. Students in S3DA have the opportunity to earn college scholarships based on their performance at S3DA events. Last year alone, S3DA National Tournaments gave more than $4 million in college scholarships, which does not even take into account the thousands of dollars won at regional and state competitions across the country.

Learning by Doing and Best Practices

Students participating in S3DA events are also being taught about fair chase and ethical bow hunting, as well as wildlife conservation. S3DA has seen students learn these skills and go on to be avid bow hunters, along with their families. These students are developing a lifelong love for not only archery, but also bow hunting. Doing so by learning the best practices and taking care of the wildlife and environment in the process. S3DA students are being featured in many different wildlife magazines and articles thanks to our partners and sponsors. S3DA is proud to support and work with some of the top industry leaders in the “R3 program”, which means recruitment, retention, and re-engagement. The R3 program’s mission is to increase participation in shooting sports and hunting. Visit

As Vice-President of Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Scott Wanetka said, “The Scholastic 3-D Archery program has done an incredible job making the link between competitive archery, conservation and hunting. We are excited about this formula creating a fun and competitive environment for youth while also putting more hunters in the field”.  

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